What is a limen leap?

leaping at wicked problems

I often toss a tough problem in my head and when it gets really vexxing, I simply go to sleep.

Sure enough; when I wake up early in the morning; I often leap out of my bed with a Eureka moment. I sometimes get a good solution for whatever that was bothering me the night before. This happened often enough last couple of decades or so that I actually started noticing the pattern.

"Limen" is the smallest threshold of perception. So I called this pheonmenon, a "limen leap"

It serves as a method of working : Don't get bogged down by wicked problems, but get a good night's sleep and a limen leap will surely arrive with the good morning.

That change of perception during from few precious moments of utter peace and rest to an inspiration can surely drive a supercharged exciting day. That is how "limen leaping" works!

I started my company on September 11 (yes!), 2019 and I called it Limen Leap Labs. I keep working on some wicked problems; or I like to call it "leap" at wicked problems whose solutions often rest across several domains.