HTML Editors to use with Pin Sites

Pin Sites allows you to create lovely websites; with almost no coding. You can also share the responsibility of developing contents for it with other content writers. The bulk of the work is done via our tiny 32 bit windows client application; right there on your computer itself.

One crucial ingredient of your website would be the html design itself. How it would look! We do not handle that part, but we know it is an important aspect of your website.

To help you there, we prowl around the Internet for useful, economical if not free HTML editor and other kinds of design systems that we can recommend you

Note that you need NOT write any contents inside such HTML editors. Just make your visual design of your website. We call it a design outline and the files produced are called HTML templates in our terminology.

Instead of the content, you can write replacement markers using double braces {{like this}} into the HTML. Then from within our Pin Sites Windows 32 Client application, you can build the site you want -- During the build process; such replacement markers would get replaced dynamically by the contents you and your content-writers had written for your website.

Rocket Cake

Here is one that surely is among the simplest of them. It is called "Rocket Cake" I have no idea why the author chose that name! But it is an extremely simple system and yet has all the required tools for you to design that lovely website of yours.

You can either use Rocket Cake totally free; or if you want, you can buy it using our affiliate link:

Download Rocket Cake here The free version is quite complete and can be used directly for creating the HTML templates for sites created with Pin Sites.

If you want some more additional features; such as inserting Javascript directly inside the templates you received then you can buy using this link Buy Rocket cake professional edition here