Domains for a website hosted via Pin Sites

Pin sites lets you host your website without even visiting our website. It is all done right from our tiny client application (Currently, Windows 32 bit) The question that you would naturally ask is; "How do I get a domain name for my beautiful website?"

And the answer is here.

We are a legal affiliate for NameCheap an inexpensive domain name registrar. It would be nice if you can use our affiliate link and purchase your website's domain name from them. As you know, Pin Sites is an act of love: It is extremely low priced, and at the same time offer a lot of power, privacy and functionality to you. So buying through our affiliate link will give us a small commission. Thanks in advance!

Here is the link:

Once you get a domain name (be it from our link or from any other registrar), you would need to point that domain to the DNS management system here: Why that is needed is explained in a different article.